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Spotsylvania County is considered to be the ancestral home of the "Endfield Wallers". Immigrant founder of this large important branch was Colonel John Waller. Tens of thousands of Waller descendants living in the United States can trace their roots to this individual.

Waller researcher David Westfall visited "Endfield" in October 98. He shares his comments and observations.
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In 1951, Andrew Lewis Riffe authored an article regarding the "Endfield Wallers." The story was published in "The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography" and has since enjoyed a world-wide readership through the use of microfilm. Andrew Riffe is dead and the VMH&B is out-of-business. There should be a manner in which questions may be asked and errors corrected. For this reason the "Waller Family" web-site is publishing portions of the article.

The following is from an article written by Earl B. Robb. Earl lives in St. Charles, Missouri but for work on this website, see (see Union Co, KY)

Col. John Waller, the second son of Dr. John Waller and Mary Pomfrett, was born at Newport-Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England on 23 Feb., 1673. About 1696, while yet in his twenties, Col. John came to Virginia and purchased 1039 acres of land from Elias Downs, located in Pamunkey Neck, on the Mattaponi River in what was to become King William County, Virginia, in 1701. On this land, he established his plantation home which he called "Endfield." Col. John Waller married Dorothy King about 1697 or 1698. He was made Justice of the Peace in the new county in 1701 and Sheriff in 1702. He became a Major of Militia in 1704 and was elected to the House of Burgesses for the term 1710-1714 and for another term from 1720-1722.

It would appear that Col. John had acquired additional land in the western part of King William County, which ended up in the new county of Spotsylvania when the county was organized in 1720. In 1722 he became the first Clerk of the new county of Spotsylvania, an office that would remain in his family for three generations, as two sons and two grandsons served the county. In 1723, Col. John moved his home to Spotsylvania County, calling the new plantation "Newport." He was succeeded as County Clerk in 1742 by his son, Edmund. He was made a vestryman of St. George Parish, Spotsylvania County, in 1745, and a Trustee of the new City of Fredericksburg in 1747. He died in 1754.

We have a Waller researcher interested in Spotsylvania County. His name is William R. Scott and he is a descendant of William Waller, (1714-1760). William Waller was a son of Colonel John Waller, the original "Endfield Waller." Bill can be contacted from his page linked below.
William Scott's Page

R.D. (Rex) Lewis is a descendant of Benjamin Waller Jr., grandson of Edmund Waller who was the youngest son of Col. John.
Benjamin Jr. and several of his children moved to Fayette, Co. TN before the Civil War.
Rex's Page

Waller researcher, Roy F. Waller is a descendant of Benjamin Waller (1716-1786), 5th child of Colonel John.
Of interest to many will be the TAZEWELL connections found on Roy's page.

Roy F.Waller's Page

Waller researchers Charles F. Crabtree and Marilyn (Crabtree) Sanderlin are descendants of Mary Waller (1698-1781), daughter of Colonel John.
Brother and sister, Marilyn and Charles share a Home Page linked below. Marilyn's expertise is in genealogy, Charles with computers. The "Waller Family" website is fortunate to have this duo.
Crabtree Home Page

Listed below are "Waller" marriages recorded in Spotsylvania County. If you know of a documented marriage that should be on this list, please Email Ali.

Dec 07 1795 Dorothy Waller married James Haney
Sep 20 1798 Dorothy Waller married Edward T Rowzie
Jun 21 1838 William Waller married Ann Beverley
Oct 18 1840 Edmond Waller married Mary Pendleton

Census of 1840

Waller, B. C. Location : St Georges Parish
Waller, Benjamin P. Location : St Georges Parish
Waller, Dubeney Location : Berkely Parish
Waller, Elizabeth Location : Berkely Parish
Waller, Hydon Location : St Georges Parish
Waller, John M. Location : Berkely Parish
Waller, Robert Location : St Georges Parish
Waller, Willaim Location : Berkely Parish
Waller, William B. Location : Berkely Parish

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