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Dear George

I have returned from Virginia and have the following report on Endfield.

Endfield Plantation was bought and established in 1696 by Col. John Waller Jr. on the south high bank of the Mattaponi River, 3 miles northeast of present day King William Court House, in King William County.

The plantation was on 2000 acres and was worked by up to 200 slaves.

The house is formed by the original house on the hill, and the house that was on lower ground. The joining of houses was completed before 1800.

The house contains original rafters, framing, hardwood floors, and 2 original intact chimneys. A third chimney, on the south side, was reconstructed from old bricks to give the authentic look.

A tin roof covering added in the early 1900ís replaced old wooden shingles.

The new roof helped to preserve the house.

The wooden planking has been covered with protective siding.

A new addition to the house in 1998 was built on the east side.

There is a small shack on the property, used for storage, that was the first jail in King William County when it split from King And Queen County in 1701. Col. John was the first sheriff of King William County.

The slave cemetary is underneath what is now the sod fields.

The present house is owned by W.F. Parker III. He bought the property from his father in 1994. The Parker Family has owned Endfield for at least 100 years. At the time of Mr. Dickey's visit in 1973, Mr. Parkerís Grandmother owned Endfield. The land is now used for growing sod. The Endfield name is used in the business name, Endfield Farm Sod.

The address is W.F. Parker III

Walkerton, VA 23177
(804) 769-3107 Fax 1539

I visited Endfield on Tuesday 6 October 1998. I arrived at 7pm and could not believe the condition of the house. It looks like it was just built. But, looks are pleasantly deceiving. This is a very old house and I am glad the Parkers have chosen to preserve it. As a Waller descendant, I am glad to have been able to "return home" to where it all started for us in 1696.

I found the Newport site in Spottsylvania County. All that is left is a grave stone for William Waller in the family cemetary. The cemetary is in a small grove of trees, marked with a sign that reads "Waller Cemetary",and is surrounded by the soon to be Mat River Estates. William Waller 1714-1760 was a son of Col. John. The stone is in very good condition and very legible. It was placed there in 1765.

I hope you can go to Endfield someday. It was a thrill to be there. If you want to visit the Newport site and cemetary, take Route 738 southwest from Snell, Virginia to the Mat River Estates entrance, just south of the Mat River bridge (which is not marked and is just a small stream). About 100-150 yards north of Plot #5, you will find the cemetary.

Thank you for your help with the Waller Family, and good luck with future research. Dave.

David S. Westfall
403 Maxwell Avenue
Evansville, IN 47711

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