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Because of health and other personal reasons I find it necessary to discontinue publishing the "Waller Family" website. Hopefully some person or group will decide it is worth continuing the site. For that reason the site will not be removed but will remain "as is" for the next few months. This will allow interested persons to copy any or all of the site and publish on their own server.

I have enjoyed knowing and working with all of you.

George Waller (3/15/99)

Email to the editor, George Waller no longer works

The Waller Family pages will be preserved here as well as the Waller List through Rootsweb. I am trying to keep the pages as they were on George's page with the exception of change of addresses or updates. I will leave George's address above but I do not know how long it will work. On the other pages I will substitute his for mine. Ali.

Waller Family, Worldwide, (Main Entrance)
Cherokee Section
Coat of Arms, contributed by Joseph Waller. (about 2 minutes)
Origin of the Waller Family
Waller Emigrants to the New World
A Bulletin Board for Waller Researchers
Edmund Waller, Poet Laureate of England
Address by a Waller descendant: "The Honorable Sam Rayburn."
For beginners, an Introduction to Genealogy.
What is a GEDCOM?
Alex Haley and "Roots"
Who's Who within the Waller Family?
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Cyndi's list of "ALL" Genealogy Sites on the WWW

Please consider a donation to help keep the Waller pages on line. The Waller Family pages will be preserved here for as long as we can keep it going. Thank you. Ali.


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