Waller Marriages, North Carolina

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All known NC Waller marriages are listed below. They are also listed on individual County pages. This list will simplify a search for spouses. If you know of a documented NC marriage not on this page, please email Ali.

Bertie County
Mizell, David Married: Waller, Elizabeth: 23/May/1857
Waller, Bryan Married: Tadlock, Martha: 27/May/1834

Bute County
Gardner, Thomas Married : Waller, Betty: 09/Feb/1778

Cabarrus County
Earnhart, John Married : Waller, Jane: 28/May/1845

Caswell County
Waller, John Married : Woody, Frances: 06/Jan/1819
Waller, John S Married : Walters, Ann E: 21/Mar/1839
Waller, William Married : Chatty, Frances: 07/Jun/1832
White, Epa Married : Waller, Lydia: 24/Jul/1806

Currituck County
Waller, George Married : Culpepper, Fanny C: 30/Dec/1861

Duplin County
Coston, James Married : Waller, Katey: 17/Jan/1809
Garmon, John Married : Waller, Jenny: 18/Jan/1814
Rodgers, John Married : Waller, Elizabeth: 19/Oct/1811
Waller, Amos J Married : Murray, Mary: 20/Apr/1815
Waller, Nathan Married : Johnston, Margaret: 25/Dec/1784

Edgecombe County
Griffin, Thomas Married : Waller, Jenny: 11/Feb/1823
Guion, Isaac D Married : Waller, Susan: 21/May/1822
Lewis, John D Married : Waller, Cathrine: 06/Jul/1855
Norvill, William Married : Waller, Salley: 03/Sep/1829
Pittman, Josiah Married : Waller, Sally: 08/Nov/1856
Waller, James W Married : Laurence, Margaret L: 24/May/1859
Waller, Warren Married : Morgan, Caty: 13/Feb/1823

Gates County
Waller, Thomas Married : Rogers, Sarah: 02/Jan/1786

Granville County
Arnold, William Married : Waller, Mildred: 27/Aug/1792
Floyd, Charles Married : Waller, Frances: 18/Aug/1867
Forsythe, James Married : Waller, Nancy: 28/Feb/1803
Forsyth, Smith Married : Waller, Nancy: 05/Sep/1840
Gooch, Littleton Married : Waller, Lucy: 20/Sep/1826
Gooch, William T Married : Waller, Caroline: 18/Jan/1858
Goss, Roland Married : Waller, Barbara: 19/Nov/1829
Griggs, William Married : Waller, Mary: 23/Dec/1802
Jones, Chesley Married : Waller, Betsy: 10/Aug/1804
Jones, William Married : Waller, Eliza: 05/Sep/1826
Laws, George Married : Waller, Frances: 03/Feb/1830
Laws, Washington Married : Waller, Harriet: 24/Apr/1841
Lyon, James W Married : Waller, Mary D: 17/Nov/1849
Lyon, Norflert Married : Waller, Mary: 26/Aug/1857
Lyon, Richard Married : Waller, Zibby Ann: 02/Nov/1850
Meadows, Willis Married : Waller, Fanny: 30/Nov/1852
Parrish, Davis Married : Waller, Lively: 04/Feb/1828
Peed, William H Married : Waller, Virginia: 10/Nov/1865
Preglgen, William Married : Waller, Sophia: 20/Dec/1780
Sample, Alexander Married : Waller, Peggy: 07/Nov/1797
Sherman, Petre Married : Waller, Phillis: 25/Jan/1867
Tilley, Francis J Married : Waller, Ann: 31/Dec/1858
Umstead, John W Married : Waller, Lueza G: 26/Mar/1867
Umstead, Squire Married : Waller, Martha: 17/Jan/1835
Umstead, William Married : Waller, Franky: 10/Jan/1825
Veasey, James L Married : Waller, Elizabeth: 20/Jun/1837
Walker, Paul J Married : Waller, Saluda: 03/Mar/1856
Waller, Allen Married : Cozart, Clary: 19/Nov/1829
Waller, Allen Married : Philpot, Nancy: 08/Oct/1851
Waller, Banister Married : Qualls, Margaret A: 14/Jan/1867
Waller, Calvin Married : Veasey, Mary: 13/May/1839
Waller, Carter Married : Cozart, Margaret: 25/Aug/1829
Waller, David Married : Adams, Rebecca: 06/Dec/1789
Waller, Franklin Married : Peed, Ruth J: 02/Aug/1859
Waller, Henry Married : Bullock, Frances: 17/Nov/1864
Waller, Henry Married : Bullock, Frances: 17/Nov/1866
Waller, James Married : Jones, Elizabeth: 11/Dec/1833
Waller, Jobe Married : Bullock, Tuesa: 06/May/1868
Waller, John Married : Umstad, Isabella: 27/Dec/1851
Waller, John A Married : Peed, Saluda W: 16/May/1867
Waller, Joseph Married : Sackwell, Bridgett: 14/Nov/1796
Waller, Nathaniel Married : Chambliss, Otey: 15/Feb/1804
Waller, Nathaniel A Married : Waller, Sarah: 31/Dec/1852
Waller, Squire Married : Forsythe, Fereby: 02/Dec/1832
Waller, Thomason Married : Reavis, Sally: ??//1856
Waller, William M Married : Mutter, Eliza: 20/Sep/1815
Waller, William Married : Walker, Rena: 21/Aug/1830
Waller, Zephinia Married : Forsythe, Nancy: 18/Dec/1804
Wright, John Floyd Married : Waller, Adeline: 12/Jun/1848

Orange County
Laws, George R Married : Waller, Durriney: 14/Feb/1833
Waller, Job : 24/Sep/1791
Waller, John Married : Laws, Jeany: 04/Dec/1802
Waller, William Married : Horner, Jane: 23/Sep/1850

Person County
Ashley, Graves Married : Waller, Peggy: 25/Feb/1806
Carr, Thomas H Married : Waller, Susan: 26/Dec/1841
Waller, Hardy Married : Teasley, Patsey: 26/Oct/1792

Roccont County
Herford, Sanford R Married : Waller, Sarah: ??//????

Rockingham County
Rice, William Married : Waller, Rebecca: 29/May/1811

Rowan County
Casper, Andrew Married : Waller, Betsey: 26/Mar/1831
Earnhart, George Married : Waller, Eve A: 03/Oct/1850
Fry, John Married : Waller, Christina: 23/Nov/1779
Fulk, Jacob Married : Waller, Margaret: 13/Sep/1824
Pool, Jacob Married : Waller, Sarah: 22/Oct/1828
Pool, Jacob Married : Waller, Elizabeth: 26/Nov/1847
Shechen, Daniel Married : Waller, Jane: 16/Apr/1857
Vormington, Samuel Married : Waller, Nancy C: 08/Oct/1851
Waller, Burrel Married : Merritt, Dolly: 03/Oct/1796
Waller, Frederick Married : Cauble, Crisey M: 21/Jul/1849
Waller, George Married : Trexler, Elizabeth: 13/Jul/1802
Waller, George Married : Brinkle, Polly: 11/Sep/1837
Waller, George Married : Harkey, Barbara: 11/Oct/1856
Waller, Henry C Married : Morgan, Polly S: 03/Jul/1859
Waller, Jacob Married : Casper, Margt: 15/May/1849
Waller, Jesse Married : Fouts, Nancy: 03/Mar/1849
Waller, John Married : Mull, Eliza: 10/Nov/1849
Waller, John Jr Married : Hodgens, Sarah: 12/May/1858
Waller, Lawrence Married : Parkes, Anny: 26/Feb/1835
Waller, Lewis A Married : Morris, Martha Jane: 13/May/1861
Waller, Michael Married : Messimir, Betsey: 22/Sep/1818
Waller, Peter Married : Hess, Catharine: 14/Feb/1834
Waller, Peter Married : Mull, Elizabeth: 13/Sep/1843
Waller, Peter Married : Blackwell, Eliza: 10/Apr/1852
Ward, Franklin Married : Waller, Jane Maria: 23/Jul/1859
Wise, Jacob Married : Waller, Barbara: 02/Jan/1804

Rutherford County
Dyer, Jasper Married : Waller, Polly: 22/Dec/1824
Dyer, Thomas Married : Waller, Fanny: 13/Nov/1827
Reynolds, Ellis Married : Waller, Sally: 19/Mar/1830
Stover, John Married : Waller, Sally: 01/Jun/1816
Waller, J Adam Married : Moreland, Elizabeth: 14/Nov/1846
Waller, John Married : Braddy, Rachael: 27/Sep/1821

Stokes County
Cornelius, Samuel Married : Waller, Nancy: 12/Sep/1827
Davis, Thomas W Married : Waller, Mary E: 25/Apr/1838
Hanby, Harden Married : Waller, Nancy E: 23/Jun/1841
Speas, Isaac Married : Waller, Elizabeth: 10/Mar/1824
Speas, Jonathan Married : Waller, Nancy: 05/Oct/1827
Wall, Richard Married : Waller, Rebeca F: 24/Sep/1838
Waller, Edmund Married : Mckinny, Mary Ann: 10/Dec/1842
Waller, Henry Married : Dyal, Nancey: 27/Oct/1804
Waller, Henry Thomas Married : Moser, Charlott: 21/Apr/1840
Waller, Squier Married : Wall, Isabella: 16/Dec/1846

Surry County
Tow, John Married : Waller, Prisey: 22/Mar/1837
Waller, George Married : Slate, Margaret: 15/Dec/1858
Waller, John Married : Porter, Elizabeth: 12/Apr/1862

Harris, John Married : Waller, Elizabeth: ??/Jun/1867
Waller, Byron Married : Tadlock, Martha: 27/May/1834

Warren County
Moseley, John Married : Waller, Nancy: 24/Feb/1806
Todd, George Married : Waller, Polly: 02/Aug/1802
Waller, Robert Married : Sledge, Dilley: 22/Jul/1783
Waller, William Married : Harvel, Adaline M: 27/Feb/1855

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